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The gallery manager and innovator Mikael Eskilsson has teamed up with artist Emma Lindstrom, together they have one mission - give the best possibilities for artists all around the world doing Fluid Art, your success is their success!


Course coordinator

Mikael has designed the course and is responsible for its content. He has long experience from both the academic sector and the arts industry. During his years as a gallery manager, he has refined the skills of both upcoming and established artists.

Working with Emma is a privilege, she is an extremely talented artist and a very pedagogical instructor


Head instructor

The major theme I’m pursuing in my work is energy. I’d like to somehow make visible the creative energy that operates in the unknown. By letting go of any preconceptions and thought processes when I create, I allow myself to become a mediator of this life-giving force. What can be seen and felt in my artwork are ultimately just different expressions of the same thing, of the same creative energy, and it’s this connection I want to convey through my work.


To be able to let go and just create, I have spent thousands of hours in my studio trying out and learning different techniques. I started from nothing but love for fluid art. I have tried every technique imaginable to figure out which works the best. Now I want to help other artists and the general fluid art community by teaching what I have learned, so that everyone else doesn’t have to spend all those years trying all those things that doesn’t quite work as well. Instead I hope that those who take this course will learn all the important techniques so that they can use them to express their own inner art passion.

I am really thankful for the possibility to give back to the Fluid Art community and help practitioners who loves this as much as I do

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