Our mission

Fluid Art has become vastly popular in the last decade. Practitioners all over the world are experimenting with different styles, techniques and expressions.

Teaching the skills of fluid art to artists worldwide

In Fluid Art there is no given right or wrong dictated by institutions or critics, but although anyone can exert the art form, it requires special skills to really master it.


This course is for all artists doing Fluid Art that want to take their practice to the next level

Mikael Eskilsson, CEO - Fluid Art Academy


The course contains six thematic modules that gives you an understanding of all the elements in Fluid Art. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced artists.


The gallery manager and innovator Mikael Eskilsson has teamed up with artist Emma Lindstrom. Emma has been a full-time artist for almost a decade and is known worldwide as one of the foreground figures within the Fluid Art genre.


Her characteristic style, with harmonious compositions and dynamic cell structures is widely appreciated. In this course she explains and demonstrate the specific techniques of her artistry.


There are many advantages to learning online. You can practice and learn on your own schedule in a pace that suits you. You also have the possibility to pause, watch and rewind as much as you like and go back to different parts of the course as you like. You have lifetime access to the course.


  • Mix colors and mediums to get the right viscosity for your pour

  • Use the stretch of the canvas to affect the pour and final product

  • Make cells directly after the pour and decide where to put them

  • Use color movements and lines to achieve harmony

  • Make patterns and find out why patterns are important for your artworks

  • Understanding composition and use it to make your art stand out

  • Use pens and brushes to create stunning details

  • Enhance different parts of the paintings and add depth with spray paint and sponges

  • Create a great finish for the painting with different types of varnish


Full length video with Emma Lindstrom making  an artwork, from scratch to the very last details.


First of all I really enjoyed the layout of this course, the design was gorgeous! I also found the videos extremely helpful as complements to the written parts. And they where not just for explaining, it was a pleasure to look at them. Apart from that, I now finally know how to make those cells, I have tried for ages without getting the result I’ve been wanting! 

- Julie

I have been doing fluid paintings for quite some time, after taking this course Emma’s techniques are my new favorites. Especially all the tips and tricks and secrets that was put into the section about details, how to do the cells, lines, dots and sponge work. Really looking forward to try all of this.  

- Andrew

Thank you so much Emma for taking the time to make this. I’ve been struggling with my fluid art for way too long but now I feel confident and ready to really turn my art into finished paintings. I’m putting all self-doubt behind me and just feel so inspired! Thank you again for making this course.

- Rebecca


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